iPhone 4There’s a new bug plaguing the iPhone, and this time around, it’s got something to do with its Clock app. First making headlines in Australia when they shifted to Daylight Savings Time, reports are now coming that iPhone owners over in Europe are also experiencing the same problem – recurring iPhone alarms an hour later. Apparently, even though the Clock app is displaying the correct time, the alarm isn’t quite synchronized with the new setting. Engadget has done some tests of their own, and it's confirmed on the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 4 both running on iOS 4.1. This occurs when a repeating alarm is set for something else aside from “every day.” So if you set you’re alarm to repeat only on “weekdays” or every “Wednesday”, then you’ll most likely experience the same problem given, of course, you live in an area that’s affect by DST. Alarms that don’t repeat or are set to repeat “every day” are immune from this bug.

Here’s a short video demo of the bug though Engadget asserts that “deleting and re-adding the alarms will NOT fix the issue” contrary to what’s suggested in the clip below:

This isn't as serious as the security flaw that was discovered recently, but this one's probably more annoying than that one. Hopefully, Apple will come with an appropriate fix before the US shifts into Daylight Savings Time as well on November 8.