Rumors started floating around last week about Google's next Android phone, the Nexus Two, being developed in partnership with Samsung thanks to an articled posted over at Gizmodo. The story goes that a friend of theirs had already tried it out, and according to the same source, relates that it can easily be mistaken for a Samsung Galaxy S Android phone.

Nexus Two mock-up by Gizmodo

That was last week. Today, however, has come out with a report quoting a Samsung official saying that all the it's “simply not true.” It was largely speculated that Samsung would unveil the purported Nexus Two device on September 8, a date they already booked for an event. With this latest development, it seems that we’ll be seeing something else launched on that day, and not the rumored Nexus Two to the dismay of hopeful fan boys.

So, will this bring to an end all the Nexus Two talk? Probably for the time being, but something in our gut is telling we’ll be hearing more about Samsung, Google, and their next Android phone in months ahead.