Some relationships are never meant to last, and that’ s exactly the case with the unsuccessful tandem of Asus and Garmin.

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M10Reuters has confirmed with an Asus official who wished to remain anonymous that the pair have decided to call it quits after a year and a half or so of joining forces in the hopes of trying to make a more significant impact in the continuously evolving mobile phone industry. Hounded by delayed releases and managing to release only a handful of handsets since teaming up, their parting of ways doesn’t exactly come much of a surprise as one might think. In my opinion, it was only just a matter of time especially since they really had no clear direction as to where they really wanted to go and was making no headway.

We’d like to say we’re saddened by this bit of news, but come on now, let’s be honest guys, any of you going to miss the Asus-Garmin partenership?