Huawei has just introduced two new Android 2.2 touchscreen phones, the Ideos X5 and Ideos X6.

Huawei Ideos X6

The Ideos X6 boasts of a 4.1-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, WiFi, GPS, HSPA+ connectivity, HDMI out, and is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor complemented by 512MB RAM and 2GB of ROM.

Huawei Ideos X5

The Ideos X5, meanwhile, sports a smaller 3.8-inch display, but still comes with a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi, and HSPA+ connectivity.

These two are expected to debut before the year comes to a close though pricing is still yet to be known. Not bad, and it’s certainly nice to see something a little more high-end coming from a company who’s not necessarily a newbie in this highly competitive industry.