Are you on Rogers? Looking forward to taking advantage of their Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP) in a few months time? If so, read on as we’ve good bad news for you.

Rogers new HUP

Based on this leaked internal document obtained by Mobilesyrup, effective today, October 20, Rogers is extendeding the minimum tenure of the eligibility of their Hardware Upgrade Program to 30 months. As if 2-years of waiting wasn't enough, they've now extended by another 6 months. That's just several months short of a standard 3-yr contract. Ouch! That's a mighty painful wait.

It’s not exactly a wise move to piss off some more subscribers especially amidst rising competition, but hey, I guess they’ve already weighed the consequences before coming out with this decision. We probably already know the answer to this question, but we'll ask anyway. What are your thoughts on Rogers’ decision to extend the eligibility of their HUP to 30 months?