After losing the support of both Sony Ericsson and Samsung, the Symbian Foundation has now lost its own head.

SymbianMr. Lee Williams has officially stepped down as executive director of the foundation effective immediately citing “personal reasons” as the grounds for his abrupt resignation. So, what’s to happen now with the Symbian Foundation? Life goes on. CFO Tim Holbrow has already stepped in to replace Mr. Williams as executive director, but his experience and expertise will surely be missed especially at this crucial stage of the Symbian OS evolution.

The new Symbian^3 platform is already being used on a number of Nokia handsets, and can be considered as the half-way point on its way to a major upgrade. The real overhauled OS, Symbian^4, is tentative scheduled to roll out sometime in early 2011.

How this unexpected changing of the guards will affect the progress and development of the Symbian^4 platform is yet to be known, but one thing’s for sure as far as public perception is concerned, not all is well over at the Symbian Foundation.