Toshiba isn’t exactly a big name in the mobile phone industry. Well, at least as far as the global phone market is concerned. However, with their newest Android phone offering, that might soon change.

Toshiba Regza IS04

Introduced via KDDI of Japan, this is the Toshiba Regza IS04 Android phone. This baby features a 4-inch 854x480 resolution touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and is waterproof as well. A bit of a downer is that it still runs on Android 2.1, but on the flipside of the coin, the Regza IS04 is the world’s first 12-megapixel Android phone making it the ideal choice for those who put a premium on imaging for Android aficionados out there.

The Toshiba Regza IS04 is expected to hit the market sometime in January 2011. Too bad though that its chances of being released outside of Japan are pretty slim, but hey, this could just be a preview of things to come in the Android scene.