Google Goggles for iPhoneWhat once was exclusively available on the Android platform is now likewise available for the iPhone. Google Goggles has just hit the App Store, and no, this isn’t a third party-developed app. This is the real deal. Its the newest feature bundled in the latest version of the Google Mobile app. It won’t be available to every iPhone user out there though. Since Google Goggles requires an autofocus camera for it to work, this is only compatible with the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 4 running on iOS 4 installed at the very least.

Google Goggles, for those of you not familiar with it, is a neat service provided by Google that allows you to take a snapshot of an object afterwhich they’ll provide you with added information about it. Here’s a brief demo of it works:

To read more about Goggles, you can head on over here, or if you're already sold on getting it, click here to be redirected accordingly to the App Store download.