Another one bites the dust for the Symbian foundation. After Sony Ericsson’s announcement that they won’t be coming out with any Symbian-based phones anytime soon, it’s Samsung's turn this time around to give Symbian the boot.

SymbianSamsung sent out an email to registered Symbian developers informing them that they’ll soon be closing their Symbian forum and remove all content by year’s end. It was late last year that news start to float around that Samsung would be ditching Symbian. They later came out with a statement refuting this and reiterating that they have a multi-OS approach and that Symbian is still very much a part of their family. However, with this latest development, it seems that the contrary is now true.

So, is this the beginning of the end for Symbian and its glory days? With Nokia still the top dog to beat in the industry, Symbian will most likely still be a contender, but it's hard to deny that they'll be in for tougher days ahead especially with Samsung and Sony Ericsson no longer actively supporting the said platform.