iPhone 4The iPhone 4 debuted in China over the weekend, and to the delight of Apple and its partner carrier, China Unicom, it’s just as much a hit in China as it was in the US when it rolled out to the public a couple of months ago. In fact, they’ve already managed to sell all of their current stock. That’s 100,000 iPhone 4 units in just a matter of four days. As a point of comparison, it took China Unicom over a month to sell that many iPhone 3G/S units last year. China Unicom proudly revealed earlier in the week that they have received 200,000 preorders for the newest iPhone. However, due to the limited supply, they’ve since stopped taking online reservations until the new batch of iPhone 4 units arrive. A fresh stock of iPhone 4 units is expected to arrive on October 1st.

So I guess this just goes to show that, despite the antennagate controversy, the iPhone 4 is still a very lucrative device. Given that China’s one of the biggest markets for mobile phone devices in the world, the success of the iPhone in this country will no doubt be a big boost in helping Apple carve out a bigger share in the mobile phone industry, and with the iPhone 4’s impressive debut, it seems that they’re well on their way to achieving that.