Sony Ericsson dumps SymbianIf their recent releases aren’t enough to convince you that Sony Ericsson has switched allegiances, then maybe their interview with Businessweek will. Aldou Ligouri, Sony Ericsson spokesperson, confirmed in an interview that they have “no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system.” The article further goes on to reveal that Sony Ericsson, as a company, has indeed “made a significant shift to support Android.” They will stay on, however, as a member of the Symbian Foundation despite having no intentions of releasing any mobile phones based on the said platform.

It was two years ago that they joined the Symbian Foundation, and released their first Symbian phone, the Sony Ericson Satio, in 2009. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is their latest Symbian-based mobile phone while their more popular XPERIA X10 family is their Android-based offerings. Though today Sony Ericsson isn't regarded as much a significant player as they were back in the day, their lack of interest to support Symbian will still nonetheless negatively affect the platform's over-all market share much to the dismay of Nokia, and conversely, the delight of Google.