Listen up you die-hard RIM fan boys out there eagerly waiting for the local release of the BlackBerry Torch 9800. According to Mobilesyrup, Rogers will begin accepting orders online for RIM’s first slider phone beginning tomorrow, September 24th, with store availability scheduled to follow suit the week after.

Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 launch

As far as pricing goes, it’s promo debut price is set at $199.99 on a 3-year contract with a minimum combined $45/month voice & data plan. Regular 3-yr contract price with a voice & data plan is $449.99 while its price on a voice only plan is pegged at $499.99. Opting to go for a shorter 2-yr contract will cost $529.99 with a voice & data plan. Getting it with a voice only plan on a 2-yr contract or choosing to go with a single year/monthly contract will cost $599.99. Outright purchase is $609.99.

No word yet from Telus on whether or not they’ll push through with their Torch 9800 launch tomorrow, but as far a Bell and Virgin Mobile are concerned, they’ll be coming out with theirs in October. So, will you be getting it from Rogers or will you just wait for the other carriers to come out with their respective Torch 9800 offers?

UPDATE: Rogers has just come out with an update and it's not good news. The Canadian launch of the Torch 9800 has apparently been postponed to September 30th thus shutting the door on its possible release this week. You can read more about this latest development here.