Windows phone 7Window Phone 7 devices will soon be hitting the market, but if you’re on a CDMA network or prefer using a CDMA phone, the wait will be a little longer for you folks. Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan revealed to CNET that all of the Windows Phone 7 devices that will be launched this year are GSM phones. CDMA Windows Phone 7 handsets won’t become available until next year.

Here’s exactly what he shared in the interview:

For the worldwide market, the vast majority of phones are GSM phones, so we focused on GSM first and then plan to deliver an update that will have great CDMA support in the first half of 2011. That’s device availability in the first half and we’re very confident of that. That’s probably a conservative estimate.

While this announcement makes a world of a difference for Verizon subscribers over in the US, this probably won’t have much of an effect in Canada. The two biggest CDMA carriers in the country, Bell and Telus, both aleady have GSM networks of their own. As such is the case, they won’t be affected by Microsoft’s decision to mainly focus on GSM phones for the initial outing of Windows Phone 7.

We can't say the same though about other US carriers such as Sprint, but hey, on the bright side, 2011 is just a couple of months away so the wait shouldn't be that painful anymore.