Here’s an update from the iPhone jailbreak front. They’ve been working on a new bootrom exploit discovered by pod2g, and they’re proud to report that it indeed works with the iPhone 4 as well as the iPad and the 4G iPod Touch. MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team shared the good news over at Twitter.

New Bootrom exploit works

If you may recall, Apple shut the door on the JailbreakMe site with the release of iOS 4.0.2. Early adopters who managed to get an iPhone 4 early on have the option not to upgrade to the new firmware so as to preserve their iPhone's jailbreak status. Today, however, with iOS 4.1 now official, all new iPhone 4 units will ship with this new firmware installed making it jailbreak-proof for the time being.

So news that a working exploit for use on the upcoming iOS 4.1 jailbreak is definitely good to hear. As to when it will be released is still a mystery. Rest assured though, once it goes live, we’ll be here to tell you more about it.


UPDATE: Redmondpie reports that this new exlpoit is being called SHAtter. It'll be a tether jailbreak (read: jailbreaking via your PC/Mac). It's not as convenient to use as the userland jailbreak (JailbreakMe) developed by comex, but on the flip-side, this one will take Apple a longer time to patch as a hardware revision is required in order to do so.