Rogers HTC Magic+ (left), Samsung Galaxy Spica (right)Still on the software update front, Rogers has disclosed on Twitter (@RogersMary) that an Android 2.1 update OTA should be available by now for their subscribers using the HTC Magic+. Not only that, they also have good news for Samsung Galaxy Spica owners. Announced via their @RogersBuzz Twitter account, there’s also an Android 2.1 update waiting for Spica owners out there though, unlike the one for the HTC Magic+, this one won’t come in the form of an over-the-air update.

You have to download the binary file to your Windows-based PC, and install it to your Galaxy Spica Android phone via cable. It’s not exactly the most convenient way to update the phone’s firmware, but hey, at least now you can enjoy Android 2.1 goodness on your Spica.