We know that webOS 2.0 is coming later this year, and thanks to Chinese website wibozi.com, we now have an idea what it might possibly look like.

webOS 2.0 screenshots

They’ve posted 2 dozen snapshots of the upcoming mobile OS though we’re a bit skeptical about its authenticity given that MobileMe, which is an Apple exclusive service, is included as one of its supported accounts. Anyway, given that this is, in all likelihood, just a beta version of webOS 2.0 we’re looking at here, this will probably still undergo some changes en route to the final build which could result in the removal of MobileMe account.

We like how it looks so far, but the question still remains, when will they release it? Will it just be a firmware update for existing webOS devices such as the Palm Pre and Pixi or will HP, who now owns Palm, debut webOS 2.0 on a new phone? There are still a lot of questions that have yet to be answered, but at least these pictures have got us a little more excited for the next iteration of webOS.