The Apple App Store has hit a new milestone. They now have more than 250,000 apps ready for download, and this astounding figure still doesn’t even include apps that are exclusively available overseas. That’s a whopping quarter of a millions apps just waiting to be purchased/downloaded and still rising.

Apple App Store app breakdown

What makes this even more a remarkable feat is the fact that, at the same period last year, they only had 51,821 apps to offer. This is according to the tally of 148apps, a site devoted to tracking App Store metrics. There has also been a change in the percentage of apps available in the App Store. While games have been the majority for the most part, books are now the dominant genre at 17%. Games is down to the number 2 spot with 14% and entertainment apps at third with 11%. The rise in book apps is, no doubt, a direct result of the successful launch of the iPad. We’re not too sure though if this will still be the same scenario in the coming months given the huge potential of the iPhone 4 as a gaming platform.

With its robust growth, the Apple App Store is, without question, the most successful app store of today, and with no visible contender in sight, it’s highly unlikely that their reign will be ending anytime soon.