With RIM’s first slider phone, the BlackBerry Torch 9800, now official, what we’re waiting on next to be announced is the company’s first QWERTY-equipped flip phone, the BlackBerry 9670 Oxford.

BlackBerry 9670 Oxford

We’ve already seen this handset before in a video showcasing its BlackBerry 6 operating system, and today, we now have more info regarding this upcoming RIM smartphone thanks to some leaked documents highlighting its key features. So, apart from its 5-megapixel AF camera, you can now add a 460x400 resolution display (240x320 external screen), WiFi, A-GPS, and a bundled 8GB microSD card to the list of confirmed specs.

Sadly though, there’s still no mention of when it will be released. However, given that these documents look a lot like those used in training seminars, we’re guessing that it might be launched within the next couple of months, either in September or October, and will most likely hit retail stores just in time for holidays. To view the entire collection of leaked BlackBerry 9670 Oxford overview documents, you can check it out at BGR’s gallery.