Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800It seems that even though it had the makings of being a big hit - new design (well, as far as BlackBerry phones are concerned), new OS, decent specs, - the BlackBerry Torch 9800 didn’t draw in the expected crowd when it debuted in the US last week via AT&T. According to Goldman Sachs, sales for the first RIM slider smartphone were “underwhelming” adding that “nearly all of the sores they called did not sell out of the device.” They also discovered that majority of the people who got the Torch 9800 were current BlackBerry subscribers already who simply upgraded to the new device. So essentially, they didn’t gain new customers with the launch of the first BlackBerry 6-powered smartphone. RIM, for their part, hasn’t made any official announcement yet as far as launch day sales of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 are concerned. However, factoring in this latest report, we wouldn’t be surprised if they completely skip out on it altogether to save face.

We’re not too sure where RIM went wrong here with the Torch, but we've got a feeling that the impressive line-up of new mobile phones such as the HTV Evo 4G and the Motorola Droid X that were released in the last couple of months may have been indirectly responsible in swaying customers to bypass this particular device. Whatever the reason is behind its poor sales, it’s pretty clear that this new RIM smartphone isn’t making heads turn in the US at this point in time.

Will it be more of a success in RIM’s home turf? Only time will tell, but let’s hear it from guys, will you be queuing up for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 once it gets released locally or not?