The Moto Ming series is most noted for catering to those who have an affinity for touchscreen devices. One would assume that Motorola would use this line as a springboard to bring their brand into the forefront of things especially in today’s touchscreen phone era, but unfortunately, that never happened and the Ming series slowly faded into non-existence. Today, however, we’ve found news that the Moto Ming will be making a comeback with Android manning the show.

Moto A1680

This is the Moto A1680, and as its billing goes, is the first "Motorola Ming with Android." It features a 3.1-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 5-megapixel AF camera sans flash, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, 3G , GPS, and Android 1.6 as its OS. It’s powered by a 624MHz processor complemented by 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. We’re not sure though when it will be released, but it’s already posted on Motorola’s Developer Network site.

The Moto A1680 looks like a pretty decent phone albeit running on an outdated version of Android. Fortunately, this minor setback can easily be addressed by a simple firmware update, but what we’re a bit more concerned about is its resistive touchscreen display. It's not exactly the most ideal display to use considering that capacitive touchscreen displays have been proven to work more efficiently and is the more popular choice in this day and age. Resistive is perfect for a stylus, but not so much for using your fingers to navigate.

Anyway, with the Moto A1680 Android phone making its unofficial debut on Motorola's Dev site, we've got a feeling that an official announcement won't be far behind.