BlackBerry Bold 9780If neither the recently announced BlackBerry Torch 9800 or Curve 3G catches your fancy, then maybe the upcoming Bold 9780 might be more your cup of tea. Details about its specs though are pretty scarce at the moment, but it is confirmed to come with WiFi and 3G connectivity, and reportedly runs on the new BlackBerry 6 platform. This makes the Bold 9780 the first in the Bold series to get blessed with RIM's latest mobile operating system.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly this successor to the Bold 9700 will be released, but we do have an idea on which carriers it might become available on thanks to its 3G bands.

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9780BlackBerry Bold 9780 3G Bands 1 2 5 6

The pic on the left more or less confirms its coming to AT&T which also means it’s packed with 3G bands compatible with Rogers, Bell, and Telus in Canada. This is further supported by the 3G bands 1, 2, 5, 6 on the device.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 3G Bands 1 4 8This snapshot meanwhile is of another version which comes with a different set of 3G bands (1, 4, and 8) making this particular iteration of the Bold 9780 compatible with networks such as T-Mobile in the US, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Videotron in Canada, and most, if not all, carriers in Europe, Asia, and the Oceania region. So as far as Canada is concerned, we've got Bell, Rogers, Telus, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Videotron as the potential carriers who might offer up the BlackBerry Bold 9780 in the country.

Given that majority of them currently have the Bold 9700 as part of their line-up, it’s not unlikely that we’ll be faced with the same scenario once RIM’s newest Bold smartphone is officially launched whenever that may be. Anyway, we'll report more on this as soon as additional info becomes available.