Hot off the heels of Rogers’ iPhone 4 announcement, Bell has announced the price of their iPhone 4 offering - $159.95 for the 16GB version and $269.95 for the32GB variant both on a 3-year contract basis. That's just a tad bit more expensive with what Rogers has over on their side of the fence.

Bell iPhone 4

Just like Rogers, they too also brought back their $30/6GB data plan, and is likewise introducing a data sharing plan for iPad users. What’s different with theirs, however, is the price. Rogers has theirs priced at $20/month while Bell’s is just half that at $10/month. Don’t you just love competition? This is available starting today and can be availed of up until the 30th of September only. Better hurry though If you’re planning to get an iPhone 4 from Bell as they’ve already noted on their website that it’s only “available in limited quantities.” For more info, you can check it out here.

Now that we've heard from Bell and Rogers, we're just waiting on Virgin Mobile and Telus to make their respective announcements, but I guess it's probably safe to assume already that they too will be offering up the iPhone 4 at around the same price points as well.