Chatr Wireless, Rogers' new wireless brand, has officially been launched in Canada and is now available in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. It’s also confirmed headed to Montreal this fall.

Chatr plans

As for their plans, Chatr has two monthly unlimited plans to choose from - $35 for unlimited talk, and $45 for unlimited talk & text. This is limited, though, to specific ‘chatr zones’. Paying for this can de done the traditional way of topping up manually which they aptly call Self Pay, but the one their encouraging people to avail of is the Auto Pay service wherein your credit card is charged automatically every month. To entice users to sign up on this, they’ll be rewarding subscribers who enroll in Auto Pay $30 worth of credit spread equally for the first 3 months (that’s basically $10/month). They’ll credit this to the subscriber's account after each successful credit card transaction.

Chatr phones

Understandably, there’s not a lot of choose from as far as their mobile phone offerings are concerned. They’ve got the Nokia 1661 retailing for $60, the LG GB125R flip phone for $75, Samsung Gravity QWERTY messaging phone for $130, and the Nokia 2680 slider phone for $95 all on a no-term condition. It’s still less than a handful, but at least it’s diverse enough in form factor to cater to a wide variety of mobile phone users.

For more info, you can check out there website.