We now have info on the possible pricing of Rogers/Fido for the upcoming iPhone 4 scheduled to roll out to consumers this Friday.

Rogers/Fido iPhone 4 price

Slightly more expensive than Telus, they will apparently be offering the 16GB iPhone 4 for $649.99 and the 32GB iPhone 4 for $749.99 on an outright purchase basis. There’s no info here as to what they’re 3-year contract price is for these new iPhone models, but it’s safe to assume that, just like in the past, the 16GB variant will still retail for $199 while the 32GB version will be sold at $299.

We’ve yet to get details on Bell’s iPhone 4 pricing, but given at how Rogers’ and Telus’ leaked iPhone 4 pricing turned out to be almost identical, we won’t be surprised if Bell has theirs priced the same way as well.

UPDATED: Rogers has officially announced their on-contract iPhone 4 prices, and it's lower than what we were expecting. You can check it out here.