iPhone jailbreaking legalAfter more than a year of pursuing their case, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s hard work has finally paid off. The US government has ruled in favor of their request to exempt the iPhone from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) thus making it now officially legal to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone. iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking has been a pretty sensitive issue as there were no clear laws prohibiting it, or conversely, allowing it.

Apple, understandably, had a firm stand against it, but there were question on whether they had any legal basis to stop people from doing this or not. This new ruling certainly clears things up much to the delight of iPhone jailbreak community.

So, does this mean this will be the end of Apple’s jailbreak-proofing of the iPhone? I highly doubt this, but be that as it may, at least now you know that the law is on your side if ever you do decide to jailbreak your iPhone. If you want to read the full ruling, you can check it out here.