Nook for AndroidThe rivalry between Amazon and Barnes & Noble has now entered a new phase as they take their heated battle to the Android platform. It was late last month when Amazon rolled out the Kindle for Android app, and now, B&N has announced an Android app of their own aptly named Nook For Android. Just like Kindle, Nook for Android is another eReader app, but what B&N can proudly boast of as their own is the option to lend books to friends. This unique innovation will certainly help differentiate B&N's Nook for Android from what Amazon is currently offering Android users.

Nook for Android is compatible with devices running Android 1.6 or higher, and supports cross-platform reading with other versions of Nook and previously announced eBook readers powered by the B&N eBookstore. Nook for Android is now available at the Android Market, but if you’d like more details on how to download and install it, you can head on over here for more info as well as a listing of their various eBook reader apps for other platforms.