Many, including us, we’re wondering why Nokia managed to escape free from Apple’s demonstration of the death grip on other mobile phone models during their recent press conference. We don’t know for sure why they failed to include a Nokia handset during the event considering that there are heaps to choose form, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for Apple to make amends for that slight oversight.

Nokia N97 Mini death grip

In fact, they’ve already added the Nokia N97 Mini as one of the featured handsets on their antenna page to prove to the rest of the world that even the world’s leading phone maker too has its own set of devices that suffer from signal reception woes when not held properly. Below is the video showing off how the Nokia N97 Mini has it signal strength choked from a high of 7 bars down to just 2 bars courtesy of the death grip:

Cheap tricky? Probably not, but we’ll let you guys figure this one out for yourselves. The iPhone 4 may not yet be available in Canada, but the Nokia N9 Mini certainly is. Try this out on your or a friend's Nokia N97 Mini and see first-hand if this supposed death grip really does exist. Don’t forget to hit us up in the comments section below as we’d certainly love to hear the results of this short little experiment on signal reception and proper mobile phone handling.