Nokia has released the first screenshots of the upcoming Symbian^4 platform, and we’ll admit, it does look a lot more up-to-date compared with the Symbian OS that’s currently used on the most of the Finnish company's touchscreen phone offerings.

Symbian^4 screenshots

Actually, it sort of reminds us of Android with its use of a large clock on its homescreen, but hey, that's just our opinion. This new and improved version of Symbian also features pop-up menus, widget support, and what many are wishing for, a generally more touch-friendly user interface. This is still continuously being tweaked and developed so don’t surprised if there will be some more changes prior to its final version.

The first batch of Symbian^4 powered Nokia phones is predicted to hit the market sometime in early 2011, or at best, by late 2010. It's looking good so far, and hopefully, it'll perform up to expectation as well.