Despite the growing popularity of Android, Nokia doesn’t have any plans of supporting Google’s mobile OS solution anytime soon. This was what Nokia Mobile Solution’s chief Anssi Vanjoki disclosed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.


Symbian is still their key platform for the company, and they have high hopes for the upcoming MeeGo OS, the Linux-based mobile operating system jointly being developed by them and Intel. Meego, if you still haven’t heard, will be the new OS to power upcoming Nseries devices from the Finnish phone maker replacing Symbian which has long been a regular staple in the collection. Citing that they can “create more value” products by building their own software and hardware, they have no intention of supporting Android on any of their future devices.

While this revelation may surprise some, we were sort of expecting it already. Nokia has invested so much time and effort in building up Symbian, the brand is already synonymous to the OS and vice-versa. By accepting Android into the family, they will, in one way or another, be losing a bit of their identity in the process. Of course, one can easily argue that brand identity is next to nothing especially if you don’t have the sales to back it up, but in the case of Nokia, they’re still fairly doing well despite their faltering position in the global market.

Personally though, I'd love to see what a Nokia-made Android phone would look like and how it would perform, but unfortunately, it’s not up to me to decide whether this will be a reality or not. How about you guys? How many of you would like to see Nokia hop on-board the Android bandwagon?