Nokia has just given a preview of their new MeeGo operating system, and though it's still rough around the edges, we love where their going with this one and is definitely a welcome change from the archaic Symbian platform.

MeeGo pre-alpha release

The video below best demonstrates where they are right now with this new mobile OS jointly being developed by them and Intel. As you can see, it’s a bit sluggish when transitioning from one interface to another, but it does hold a lot of potential especially for a company who’s striving to make their mark in the growing touchscreen phone segment of the market.

This version of MeeGo is a pre-alpha release which explains the very raw state the whole platform is in right now. On the good side though, this early build already comes packed with the core MeeGo OS, Qt 4.7 with Qt Mobility API 1.0, touch-enabled status bar, and some of the more pertinent apps needed in a touchscreen phone such as an app launcher, virtual keyboard, dialer, SMS, contacts, photo viewer as well as a Fennec FireFox mobile web browser. It's probably not ideal for everybody just yet, but good enough for some developers itching to give MeeGo a go.

If you’ve got a Nokia N900 and want to try out this version of MeeGo, you can download it here, or if you simply want to read up more on this new platform, simply head on over here for more info. We’re still not sure which device will debut MeeGo for Nokia, but many believe, including us, that it’ll be the Nokia N9.