Here’s a little bit of sad news for those looking forward to the First Else. Emblaze has just announced that they will no longer release their first mobile phone offering to the public.

Emblaze First Else

Below is a copy of the complete announcement as posted over at Engadget:

Due to critical delays in deliveries and the current status of the project, the board has now decided to cease any further investment towards manufacturing of the First ELSE mobile device and to concentrate efforts only on licensing the ELSE Intuition platform and technology in order to realize its potential upside.

Personally, I was quite disappointed to hear this since the First Else, in my opinion, was the first device to truly offer a different user experience from the usual touchscreen phone. It’s a good thing though that they didn’t decide to can the ELSE Intuition OS as well which would have been a might shame if it happened.

So here’s to looking forward to the ELSE Intuition platform whichever device it may debut on.