After posting some snapshots of what their claiming to be the Nokia N9, Negri Electronics has now uploaded this video showcasing this upcoming Nokia handset.

Nokia N9 video

It shows off some of its hardware specs including its HDMI port, QWERTY keypad, sliding mechanism, and 8-megapixel camera as well as a brief demo of its Symbian OS. Despite being a QWERTY slider, it still pretty slim which will probably be one of its main selling points.

What we’re wondering though is why the heck they’re still insisting that this the Nokia N9 when there is strong evidence (C0 label on the front and C0-00 marking at the back) to suggest that this is actually a Cseries device, and none whatsoever to support their claim of this being an Nseries phone.

Anyway, hopefully, Nokia will announce this mobile phone soon to clarify this issue. We'll have more on this once new info becomes available.