After its teaser video got leaked on the internet just last week, we now have the first snapshots of the Nokia N9 or at least that’s what many believe this device to be.

Is this the Nokia N9, N8-01 or a new Cseries QWERTY phone?

It undeniably has a lot of resemblance to the one featured in the video, but given the present circumstances, we’re a bit skeptical of calling this the N9. Based on what we can tell in these pictures, this upcoming Nokia QWERTY slider has Symbian^3 as its OS. Assuming that the Nokia N8 will indeed be the last Symbian-based Nseries handset, then it’s unlikely that this will be the upcoming Nokia N9.

8-megapixel camera with flash at the back

Given that this looks a lot like the Nokia N8, it’s more plausible that this is the Nokia N8-01, a QWERTY version of the recently announced 12-megapixel camera phone. However, there’s no 12-MP camera anywhere to be found in the reported specs of this particular handset. According to Negri Electronics, the guys who leaked this phone, this baby comes with an 8-megapixel camera with flash and sports North American 3G (850/1900MHz) connectivity.

Is this the Nokia N9, N8-01 or a new Cseries QWERTY phone?

So, if it’s not a QWERTY twin of the N8, what is this phone then? If you close enough, you’ll notice there's a C0 label on the upper left hand corner just above its display. This is a good indication that this will be a new Cseries device as opposed to being an Nseries smartphone. The Cseries line-up is not covered by the MeeGo upgrade plan and will still feature Symbian as its OS. We’re not sure 100% sure about this right now, but our gut is telling us that this is a Cseries handset.

For now, just treat this as a heads-up that there's a new Nokia handset looming in the horizon, and it's another touchscreen QWERTY-equipped offering. We’ll report more on this once additional info becomes available.