new-iphone-1Strong rumors continue to percolate that Verizon Wireless will be getting a version of the iPhone soon.

According to Boy Genius, analysts are clearly indicating that Verizon will be producing a CDMA iPhone and have it on sale by Q1 of 2011.

Analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital states that Verizon Wireless iPhone could enter production as early as Q4 of 2010. Reitzes stated that such a deal could result in up to 9 million iPhone sales next year, including the demand for a CDMA iPhone in the Asian market, should such a deal be struck.

Adding to the rumor mill is analyst Scott Craig of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, who points to the success of the unlocked market as evidence that Apple will be motivated to bring the iconic device to the United State's largest carrier.

Cell phone geeks will recall that Apple originally approached Verizon, but a deal was unable to be made at that time. Given the tremendous success of the iPhone, and the ongoing issues with the limitations of AT&T's network, there may well be a Verizon version of the iPhone early next year.