iFixit has started the deconstruction of the iPhone 4, and consistent with our previous post, they've discovered that it indeed comes with 512MB RAM.
iPhone 4 teardown

Aside from the generous does of additional RAM, the group also found a sizable 1420mAH Li-Polymer battery tucked underneath it’s Gorilla Glass covered body, a dual-mic set-up, UMTS, GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth antenna system integrated into the stainless inner frame, and a 1GHZ ARM Cortex A8 processor similar to the one used on the Samsung Wave S8500.

Apple has openly disclosed that this baby runs on their new A4 processor so you might be wondering what’s an ARM Cortex A8 processor doing on the iPhone 4. Well, a recent study by IBM TechINsights should answer that question for you. According to their press release, the Apple A4 processor and the Samsung Wave’s processor “feature the same 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 core manufactured using a 45-nanometer low-power fabrication process.” They even conclude that Samsung is actually the manufacturer of both chips. In a nutshell, their basically the same with just different branding. As for its new and innovative antenna system, it should provide for better call quality and reliability as the iPhone 4 is programmed to “utilize whichever network band is less congested or has the least interference for the best signal quality, regardless of the actual signal strength.

Over-all, it all looks good on the inside, but more importantly, once the greater majority gets a hold of the iPhone 4, it‘ll hopefully perform up to everyone's expectations as well. The iPhone 4 is expected to become available in Canada by next month.