Nokia 6216 ClassicStill remember the Nokia 6216 Classic? We talked about this particular mobile phone way back in April of 2009 as it would have been the company’s first SIM-based NFC phone and their third over-all NFC-enabled handset. Unfortunately, it was eventually canned before it could even see the light of day in the market. Contrary to what happened to the 6216 Classic, Nokia Executive VP for Markets Anssi Vanjoki, however, assures everyone that they’re still supporting the technology.

In fact, he's made the bold announcement that all Nokia smartphones will be equipped with NFC (Near Filed Communication) beginning in 2011. He disclosed this at the Mobey Forum in Helsinki, Finland during his keynote speech. He, however, didn’t go into specifics as to what particular devices they have planned for the future. We're not sure if Nokia's commitment to NFC will help make the technology more mainstream, but nonetheless, their continued support for it definitely bolds well for the survival of the wireless solution.

Some of the potential uses for NFC include mobile payments, ticketing, and RFID tag reading. You can read more about the announcement here.