Bell iPhone 3G Family and Friends promoIf you’re not very particular with what iPhone model you’re getting, then Bell’s refreshed iPhone 3G Family and Friends deal might be of interest to you. They’re selling their refreshed 8GB iPhone 3G for as low as $9.95 on a 3-yr contract with a $50/month Smartphone Combo plan. In addition to that standard amenities of the plan, you’ll also get 6 months unlimited local calls, unlimited nights and weekends starting at 6pm, waived activation fee valued at $35, and 1 month of unlimited data usage. Not bad, eh? Do hurry though if you want to take advantage of this promo as this is only available for the month of June 30. For more info, you can check it out here.

For those of you eagerly waiting for the iPhone 4, Bell has confirmed that they will have the new iPhone available for retail sometime in July. Pricing isn't known yet, but we’re assuming that the 16GB iPhone 4 will still retail for $199.95 while the 32GB variant will remain at $299.95 on a 3-yr contract basis.