Here’s a first look at what could be RIM's next Curve series smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 9300.

BlackBerry Curve 9300 (front) BlackBerry Curve 9300 (back)

Courtesy of Crackberry, this baby is expected to come with 3G and WiFi (b/g/n) connectivity, and if this particular model is what will be made available to the public soon, it’ll have 256MB of internal memory and BlackBerry OS 5.0 as its operating system.

BlackBerry Curve 9300 with BlackBerry OS 5.0

This is a bit odd though considering that both the leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 and 9670 are already running on the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0 and have 512MB as their internal memory. We’re not sure why its different with the Curve 9300, but one possibility that comes to mind is that RIM may want to further differentiate the Curve series from the mid-level and high-end BlackBerry smartphone models. We don't know what the rest of its specs are, but its display is reportedly still the same as that of the Curve 8520.

Anyway, we’re hoping that this is just an early prototype model, and that the final version will have its memory upgraded and also get blessed with the new BlackBerry OS. For now, you'll just have to satisfy yourselves with this set of BlackBerry Curve 9300 photos until more details become available.