A good number of local carriers are already providing HSPA connectivity, and based on this report by Mobilesyrup, it might not be long now before Koodo Mobile joins the HSPA parade as well.


This leaked internal screenshot is proof that they’re already begun testing out their new SIM cards and HSPA network which will be provided with the help Telus. A previous report talked about the possibility of Koodo Mobile’s HSPA network going live either in April or May. It’s now already June so that fearless forecast eventually turned out to be totally false, but if they do manage to roll it out this month, a few days/weeks off target isn’t so bad in our opinion.

We still don’t know when Koodo Moible will exactly launch their HSPA network, but if this is any indiction of how work is progressing on their side of the fence, we wouldn’t be surprised if they officially make the announcement sometime later this month. Who knows, they may even score the new 4G iPhone as part of their maiden HSPA product line-up.