Microsoft’s Kin phones aren’t what we would consider as head-turning handsets. Hardly anybody is talking about these phones since they were launched, and neither are they topping anybody’s wish list at the moment especially with more impressive devices such as the HTC Evo 4G just recently hitting the market.

Microsoft Kin One, Two

So, in order to entice potential clients, Best Buy has dropped their on-contract price for both Kin phones by $50, in effect, giving away the Kin One for free on a 2-yr contract while the Kin Two is now just $49.99 on similar term conditions. Not bad, considering at $0 with a new Verizon plan, you’d be getting a WiFi-capable, 5-megapixel autofocus camera equipped QWERTY handset powered by a modified version of Windows Phone 7 with 4GB of internal memory.

The question is, will the new lower price tag of the Kin One and Two be enough to drum up interest in these phones or are people saving up their hard earned money for the new 4G iPhone which is expected to be unveiled by Apple this month?