After the debut of Cloud Browse, we now have another work around to enable Flash on the iPhone. However, unlike the 3rd party browser we featured last week, this one is more for site developers rather than the iPhone user.

Smokescreen: Enabling native flash support on the iPhone

Called Smokescreen, this code has been developed by Cris Smoak to enable Flash content to be displayed natively on mobile Safari. Simon Willison best describes how this technology works which could be the next big thing for the iPhone community:

"It runs entirely in the browser, reads in SWF binaries, unzips them (in native JS), extracts images and embedded audio and turns them in to base64 encoded data:uris, then stitches the vector graphics back together as animated SVG."

This is a very ingenious solution for site owners to allow the 27.4 million iPhone users across the globe to view the Flash content on their websites. It’s still in beta form though, and while it does a pretty good job in rendering Flash-based banner ads as demonstrated in the video below, according to Engadget, it still isn’t quite ready yet for video and Flash games.

Be that as it may, given enough time, we have high hopes for the future of Smokescreen especially with Apple’s continued refusal to provide native support for Flash content on the iPhone. To try it out for yourself, just head on over here on your iPhone.