Every iPhone fan boy out there more or less knows what to expect next month when Apple unveils their newest iPhone thanks to Gizmodo and other sites who've cashed in on the 4G iPhone leak craze. However, Jobs and company might have something up their sleeves and surprise us anew at WWDC 2010 especially if this latest report is to true.

iPhone 4G (N90) side-by-side with iPhone 3G S

In an interview with Digitimes, senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple has actually been working on two iPhone models as the successor of the iPhone 3G S - one codenamed N90 and the other N91. The N90 is the one that has been leaked numerous times on the internet, while the N91 looks a lot like the iPhone 3G S but equipped with more advanced technical hardware. The N91 serves as a back-up to the N90 in case of any delays. More importantly though, in light of the unexpected leaks, the N91 can now also serve as a substitute to the controversial N90 iPhone model if Apple wants to prove all the reports wrong about what the iPhone 4G will look like.

This move will certainly disappoint those who have fallen in love with the purported iPhone 4G’s design, but hey, it’s Apple’s call, not ours. Anyway, this is pure speculation so nothing’s confirmed yet. Who knows, maybe Apple will actually stick with the N90 model and launch it as the iPhone 4G. That’s definitely what we’re hoping for, but I guess the only way we’ll find out is when the festivities begin at WWDC 2010 and Steve Jobs makes the officially announcement.