No phone maker has announced when they will be releasing an Android 2.2 update for their specific Android handsets. However, according to the latest buzz on the internet as reported by Phandroid, the HTC Desire might be among the first batch of Android phones to get one.

HTC DesireBased on what is purported to be a conversation between an HTC customer service representative and a disgruntled customer, it was revealed that a “new update is coming on the 23rd of June” which will enable users to “put some apps on to the microSD card.” Given that we don’t know of any other Android update coming soon that’ll allow this feature, we’re assuming that the rep is referring to the recently announced Android 2.2 Froyo update here.

As good a news as this is, we’re still taking this bit of info with a grain of salt until further evidence surfaces to support this. For those of you who have been out of the loop as of late, the HTC Desire, though not yet available locally, is currently rumored to be headed for Canada via Telus and might be released as the HTC Triumph. Hopefully, if this Android 2.2 update rumor pans out to be true, Telus will decide to update the specs of the HTC Triumph and ship it out with Froyo installed as the default OS already.