Can’t wait for WWDC 2010 to begin so that you can catch a glimpse of the new iPhone? Well, here’s a snapshot of what Apple might have in store for us next month.

White 4G iPhone gets leaked

These photos are courtesy of Taiwanese site who had earlier leaked a white front-panel for the iPhone 4G (aka iPhone HD). Now, they’ve gone a step further by piecing together various parts of the new iPhone to come up with this dummy model. The assembly isn’t complete though as the back cover is obviously missing and the front panel isn’t snapped together with the aluminum part resulting in its excessive protrusion and recessed home button.

White iPhone 4g side-by-side with Black iPhone 4g

We’re not sure though of the authenticity of these photos especially considering that they're coming from a region that’s got a rich market for iPhone clones. With that being, I personally feel that it wouldn’t hurt Apple's cause to release a new white version of the iPhone whose color variation isn't just limited to its back cover.