Paypal is now a staple in the online retail community thanks to their secure and convenient payment facility. Now, the same company is aiming to take over the mobile app industry as well by providing Android and iPhone app developers with the necessary libraries to enable in-app purchases via Paypal.

Paypal Mobile Libraries for in-app purchases for Android, iPhone

While this maybe an added convenience for both consumers and developers alike, there is a bit of problem though for the Android platform. Android Market Content Policy for Developers states that “developers should only charge for applications and downloads from the Android Market through the Market’s Payment Processor.” So, in the eventually that someone does integrate in-app purchases via Paypal in their software, it will then be in violation of this provision which might become the basis for its rejection. So, will it be a no go for Android? We don't know for sure, but since this is still a developing story, who knows, maybe Google might actually allow apps that come with a built-in Paypal payment facility to be offered up in the Android Market.

For those developers out there who'd like try this out, you can download Paypal’s mobile payments library for either the Android platform or iPhone OS here. This is compatible with iPhone OS 3.1/3.2 and Android 1.5 and above.