It looks like the Nokia E72 might soon be replaced as the top dog in the Eseries rank and file as the Nokia E73 has just been spotted in this leaked document complete with an announcement that it will be released on June 16.

Nokia E73 Mode on T-Mobile

Headed for a T-Mobile debut in the US, we’re not exactly sure what’s new in the E73, but what we do know is that it will be known as the Mode once its release on the US carrier. There’s been some minor changes to its aesthetics (take note of the new design of the shortcut keys beside the optical trackpad), but apart from that, it’s still not clear what other new treats this QWERTY handset comes with.

For now, just treat this as a heads up that a Nokia E73 smartphone will be announced and released in the US next month, and could also soon become available locally in your neck of the woods .