textplus-sms-iphoneThanks to the wildly popular textPlus phone application from Gogii, Canadians can now text for free. Free to download, free to use, no small print. Got to love cool apps!

The textPlus app, available free at iTunes, is a robust application that takes texting to a meaningful new level. For example, you can group text, meaning that everyone in a given group can view and respond to any text from anyone in the group; a thoughtful merging of texting and social networking. And unlike BlackBerry Messenger, you can group chat with anyone, using any phone. You can also conduct one-on-one texting, a traditional favorite.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of textPlus is the ability to begin a texting correspondence on one device, such as your shiny new iPad, and immediately continue the conversation on your BlackBerry or any other cell phone, as you move about your day.

This is obviously great news for Canadian users who have been paying premium tiered pricing, dictated by carriers, but who now have a completely free solution, a smarter alternative.

Kudos to Gogii for producing a rich and thoughtful application. And power to the people as they can now enjoy texting till their fingers cramp!

The secret to this fantastic text app lies not in benevolence but is firmly ensconsed in the profit motive. Gogii provides a needed service for free and generates ad-supported revenue. But even the ads are presented tastefully and do not hinder the conversations in any way.

So do your finger exercises and get on over to iTunes and download textPlus now, or go to Gogii for more information and a download link.