We just got a tip that Telus will be changing the way they charge pay-per-use data consumption beginning April 11, 2010. Those subscribed to a data package or data rate plan will not be affected by this change. However, if you change your data rate plan or remove your data package from your plan, the new pay-per-use charging scheme will come into effect after the 11th of April.


So, how much will it cost come April? Telus will be charging $3/MB for the first 5MB and $1/MB thereafter instead of the current $0.10/page scheme. For those roaming outside the country, the way international data usage is measured and charged will also be changed. From a per kilobyte scheme, it will now be charged in 20KB increments per session. It's considered a session if it's an uninterrupted activity regardless if you're surfing the web, checking/reading email, listening to music, or watching video on your mobile device.

Below is a copy of the email sent to our tipster.

Dear Valued Client,

Important changes to pay-per-use data charges

Beginning April 11th, 2010, we will be changing the way we measure and charge pay-per-use web browsing on mobile phones. Our new pay-per-use web browsing charges will be consistent across all devices so that the same fee applies whether you have a smartphone or a mobile phone.

How this change will affect you

If you have a data package or a data rate plan:
You will not be impacted by the change. However, if you change your data rate plan or remove your data package from your existing plan, the new pay-per-use rating model will apply after April 11th, 2010.

If you don't have a data package or a data rate plan:
Charges will be based on the volume of data used instead of the current $0.10 rate per page. The new charges will be:

$3/MB for the first 5 megabytes (MB)
$1/MB for each additional MB

Data will be measured and charged in kilobytes, but converted on your bill and reflected as a charge per megabyte (1 MB = 1024 kilobytes). You'll find this fee noted as "Data Usage" under "Data and Other Services" on your monthly TELUS mobile bill.

Please note, beginning April 11th, 2010, international data usage will be changing from a charge per kilobyte to being charged in increments of 20 KB per session. Applicable roaming rates apply. A session is any uninterrupted activity when you're browsing the web, emailing, listening to music, or watching video.

Please visit telusmobility.com/wb for details.


Dan Golberg
Vice President, Client Loyalty and Retention

So, let's get your voices in guys. What do you think of this new pricing scheme of Telus for their pay-per-use data service?

Thanks, Margaret for the heads up!