Logitech Touch Mouse iPhone appRenowned keyboard and mouse maker Logitech has just released an iPhone app of their own called Touch Mouse. As it names implies, this app turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a 3.5-inch sized touchpad which you can use as a mouse for your Mac or PC. It works over WiFi and also comes with keyboard functionality. The best part is that it’s completely free for everyone to enjoy. This will come in handy for those who use a netbook since these devices are notorious for their inadequately-sized touchpads. You do need to install the Touch Mouse Server software first on your PC/Mac to successful pair your iPhone with your desktop/laptop. You can download the appropriate for your system installer here.

Do note, though, that you might have to configure your antivirus/firewall settings for it establish a connection with your PC. That's what I did after several failed attempts when the iPhone app tried to connect to my netbook (Toshiba NB200). Apart from that small caveat, the Logitech Touch Mouse app works perfectly as promised. Click here to be redirected to the App Store to install this nifty little app on your iPhone.