The first time we talked about the eco-friendly MOTOCUBO A45 was way back in August of 2009. This was when Motorola officially introduced this QWERTY slider to the rest of the world albeit limiting its availability to Brazil only.

Motorola A45 Eco

However, we just got word today that it’s no longer exclusive to the South American country and is now being offered by Motorola online in the US. Now dubbed simply as the Motorola A45 Eco, it features a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, Google Maps, and quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity. As far as its green side is concerned, 70% of the MOTOCUBO is recyclable while 25% of it is made out of recycled plastic bottles.

It looks like this version won’t come with a 2GB microSD card though, but does come preloaded with games such as Spore and Sudoku. The Motorola A45 Eco is readily available here and retailing for $159.99 unlocked.